Beautiful glasses accessories 👓 just in time for Christmas giving! 🎄🎁⭐️

Optometrist Andrew Greer has a reputation for curating the most creative and stylish collection of glasses and sunglasses in Tamworth.

Andrew is also an artist in his own right (when he has the time!), and while most of his patients don’t realise it, the paintings and drawings hanging in his Eyecare Plus practice in Peel Street are his own work.

As a natural extension of this artistic aesthetic, Andrew has now introduced a range of glasses cases and lens cloths which reflect his passion for art.

Glasses cases and lens cloths

The Art Collection includes fine art images by world famous artists, which are available as:

  • hard hinged glasses cases with matching lens cloth
  • soft velour glasses vases with velcro closure
  • individual lens cloths

The gorgeous glasses cases are also light and compact, making them perfect to slip into a handbag or pocket. This can be a quite handy alternative to some of our designer glasses and sunglasses cases as we know from experience they can be quite large (albeit impressive).

art and optometry?

We are here to help you achieve your best possible vision, and if that means glasses then we want you to look good in them too. Why? Because we know that if you feel great in your glasses then you’ll wear them, and that’s the whole point.

If you’ve chosen beautiful glasses then pairing them with a beautiful case is just one more way to express your personal style.

So go ahead and ‘gift to self’ or give as gorgeous and practical gifts to family and friends.

Hint: Lens cloths make great Secret Santa 🎅 gifts for your glasses-wearing 👓 colleagues 🎄

mini gallery

Come in and view our mini art gallery in-store now at Eyecare Plus – Tamworth’s eyewear style destination

Art Collection glasses cases and cloths - Eyecare Plus Tamworth

design highlights

Here is a taste of more of the designs in-store.  Our collection will be regularly refreshed.

hard case and lens cloth - Hokusai - The Great Wave
velour case - Monet - Le Pont Japonais
lens cloth - Klimt - Adele Bloch Bauer
hard case and lens cloth - Van Gogh - Starry Night
hard case and lens cloth - Klimt - Tree of Life
velour case - Van Gogh - Irises
lens cloth - Degas - Dancers in Blue
hard case and lens cloth - Rumpf - Vienna

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