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Give a warm welcome to our bespectacled bros from over the ditch! Good Gryf eyewear is designed by a Kiwi optometrist. He checks eyes and puts glasses frames on faces all day, everyday. That’s what he does. He knows why glasses frames work and why they don’t. He knows which frames are rubbish and which ones aren’t. He knows structually where the frames can be weak. Eyewear is his thing.

The Gryf Factor

Good Gryf glasses are designed with an emphasis on fit and engineering, as you’d expect from an optometrist. They are then cloaked in the mysteries of the New Zealand vernacular, which perhaps you did not expect. Here’s a taste of the styles that have just arrived in stock. There are other great ones too, but we are still trying to work out how to pronounce them. 

Oamaruvian grey silver
Oamaruvian Grey Blue
Blow on the pie
O 4 orsum
Bloody Nora
yeah nah
Oamaruvian sun tort gold
Cray Cray
not even ow sun
Gudaftableconstanoon sun
not even ow sun
Yeah nah sun

Grab your New Zealand dictionary…

Chully Bun
Mate! Can youse pull us a cold one out of the chully bun! Chur! Mixed acetate combos to show your more sophistamacated side.

Blow on the pie
It’s 3am. You enter the BP station. That pie has been sitting in the warmer for 6 hours. What must you always do? Titanium, cos you’re hard bro.

O 4 Orsum
Grunty with a splash of nerd. It’s kinda like a mullet….. The firm straight browline means business but the lower curves indicate that you like to party.

The Oamaruvian. Think candy steampunk. The inspiration for these bad boys have been drawn from the steampunk capital of the world. I recommend a coffee and cheese roll in Oamaru.

Good Gryf glasses unique physical traits

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