See you in Big Sky Country

Introducing our very own Big Sky Eyewear collection, exclusive to Eyecare Plus Tamworth.

Big Sky Eyewear is a carefully curated range of spectacles with a strong local flavour. Our debut collection is inspired by the clarity of light out here in Big Sky Country, with its brilliant sunsets, clear night skies, and myriad cloud patterns streaking through the blue sky as far as the eye can see.

Big Sky was created by the passionate and artistically inclined Eyecare Plus Tamworth team. We have spent many years looking after eyes and matching frames to faces in the greater Tamworth region. As Tamworth’s eyewear style destination it was imperative that our own eyewear label should complement the truly unique and exciting range of designer and boutique frames that our patients already love to wear. Quality is really important to us, so our collection is hand crafted in Italy to our exacting specifications.

We are really proud to have created Tamworth’s own eyewear label for our patients, and we look forward to helping you find the perfect Big Sky frame that expresses your personal style.

Sunset Colours

Tamworth sunsets are spectacular to behold, featuring vivid hues of purple, pink, red, orange and gold. This is the inspiration for our palette of sunset colours, available in a number of frame styles.


Big Sky Sunset palette

Endless Blues

Around these parts we are blessed with seemingly endless blue skies, so it’s only natural that a range of beautiful blues pop up in all our frame styles.


Blues palette

Night Sky

When night falls, the inky-black sky is punctuated by starlight and illuminated by the moon. Our night sky palette mixes the darkness with flashes of rich colour including gold, silver, blue and green.


Night Sky palette

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