Blackfin is an Italian eyewear company that has made titanium its core essence. Each spectacle frame and sunglass has minimal weight but is the maximum expression of technology and design.

A Blackfin model is unique because all its properties are unique. The titanium of which it is made is as tough as steel but weighs 40% less and it is twice as strong as aluminium. It is indeed an extraordinary material which requires equally exceptional skills for shaping it and creating something amazing and inimitable every time.

Each frame is made only of Japanese titanium, but it is worked entirely in Italy.

Blackfin sources the purest form of raw titanium, imported from Japan. On reaching Italy the titanium sheets are placed in the expert hands of the Blackfin team whose unequalled talent enables them to transform the titanium into frames that are true works of art.

The team is constantly challenged to go further, developing increasingly advanced solutions to obtain more evolved thicknesses, bolder colors and frames whose designs are progressively more extreme and harmonious. All thanks to a metal that can shape-shift, to the point that vaporized metal particles are deposited, atom by atom, on the eyewear surface to create the extraordinary Blackfin colors.

Blackfin BF1007 - col. 1544
BF986-1509 Ellis Beach
BF991-1502 front
BF917-DANZICA-col 1157
BF1008 - col. 1543 front
BF808-1430 front
BF930 -HOLECOMB-col 1155

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