Anne & Valentin

Anne & Valentin eyewear was born of the wild dream of a couple of French opticians searching for unique glasses with striking graphic lines for their friends.

As designers, Anne & Valentin’s philosophy is to create original glasses that dress the face without disguising individuality. Their designs reflect freedom of expression, independence and respect for the complex and singular personalities of their customers.

Don’t try to stand out. Try to do something remarkable.

The desire for very strong visual signatures is an enduring motivation in Anne & Valentin’s creative explorations. Each new collection continues to radically push the boundaries of conventional eyewear design. 

“Don’t try to stand out. Try to do something remarkable”, is their daily mantra.

The collection is designed and made in France. They have been working with the same factories in the Jura region for more than 20 years, save for a few titanium models, because they say Japan is where the best titanium is to be found.

Anne & Valentin eyewear is stocked exclusively in Tamworth by Eyecare Plus – Tamworth’s eyewear style destination. See our curated collection for women and men in-store now. 

design highlights

Anne & Valentin glasses - Nuuk
Anne & Valentin glasses - Just Swing 9A25
Anne & Valentin glasses - Fossette
Anne & Valentin glasses - Alienor 9C07
Anne & Valentin glasses - Dryden 9A04
Anne & Valentin glasses - Nanpo 9C05
Anne & Valentin glasses - Darwin 9A03
Anne & Valentin glasses - Faham U236
Anne & Valentin glasses - Remind 20A45
Anne & Valentin glasses - Pinky 8A29

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