Prodesign was founded in Denmark in 1973, centred around the firm belief that eyewear can be so much more than its function. Since then, Prodesign has combined a deep expertise in optics with a strong focus on design – shaping and refining every frame until the expression is just right.

It’s in the intersection between skilled craftmanship, profound knowledge and visionary ideas that the right frame is created.  Their collections are broad in variety, yet always special. Innovative and distinct or simply classic design – because working with no middle ground is their signature.

Over time Prodesign has proven that iconic eyewear can arise solely from working with quality materials with slight refinements – or a bold willingness to dare and do the unexpected.

Every frame should tell a story. Yours.

As Tamworth’s premier eyewear style destination we invite you to experience our new Prodesign Collection in-store.

Prodesign Gail Spence 12
Prodesign Elate 8532
Conical titanium 3021
Conical titanium 8521
Square 3431
Lifted 2 3031

Essential collection – Prodesign’s most diverse collection with frames in a wide range of shapes, colours and sizes. Every frame is carefully crafted to ensure high comfortability and durability – without compromising on look and feel. It’s a collection for the vibrant and social at heart – with playful and bold designs meeting sleeker classics.

Danish Heritage collection – inspired by nordic design and culture – celebrating striking simplicity and timeless choices. Every frame in the collection is picking up on urban style trends, providing concepts that are both edgy and bold or raw and minimalistic. Eyewear designs that are everlasting, yet driven by what’s next.

Axiom collection – a series of sharply designed shapes combining advanced craftsmanship and technical innovation. In this collection, Prodesign pushes the limits when it comes to choice of materials and the technical construction of each and every frame. This is also why the frames from the Axiom collection have a distinctly industrial, sleek and modern look.

Hexa 2

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