Risky business for eyes

Welding, grinding, sawing, drilling, sanding, dust and chemicals – hazardous industrial environments mean potential eye injuries at work. Every week we see patients who need emergency medical assistance for eye injuries sustained on the job.

Employers will already know the potential workplace hazards and how important safety glasses are, however what happens when you throw prescription glasses into the mix?

Employer responsibilities

Statistics show that 52.4% of people working in industry in Australia require prescription glasses to safely and accurately perform their duties. These workers are likely to require Prescription Safety Glasses too.

Employers are responsible for the testing and provision of Prescription Safety Glasses under Australian standard AS/NZS1337.6. Provision of appropriate safety glasses, including accredited Prescription Safety Glasses, is required for Workers Compensation compliance.

Prescription Safety Glasses Save Sight

Take action now

Eyecare Plus Tamworth is your local Prescription Safety Glasses specialist, and we can put together a cost-effective Prescription Safety Glasses Package (eye testing and glasses). We use the highest quality, Australian made safety eyewear, with frames and lenses from certified providers who meet Australian standards.

Prescription Safety Glasses are individually manufactured to an employee’s specific prescription to address their visual requirements in the workplace. For outdoor use there is an option to incorporate Transitions lenses or sunglasses.

If employees are engaged in hazardous tasks then a safety eyewear program, including Prescription Safety Glasses, is essential. For more details visit our website.

Call optometrist Andrew Greer on 02 6766 2544 to discuss your Prescription Safety Glasses needs and arrange an obligation free quote.

Emergency eye injuries

We offer emergency medical assistance for eye injuries at work. Urgent cases like this are a priority and do not require an appointment. Call us without delay on 02 6766 2544.

Sport and hobbies

You might also consider Prescription Safety Eyewear for some of your sports or hobbies. Cycling, fishing, climbing, golf and all sorts of home renovation tasks spring to mind. 

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