Introducing OVVO

OVVO Optics is an American eyewear company implementing patented technology that defies the limits of design and performance.

Their proprietary core material – a fusion of surgical steel and titanium – was originally developed for spacecraft and the military. It is light, hypoallergenic, and super strong. 

This high tech material combined with OVVO’s patented screwless hinge is crafted into glasses frames and sunglasses that are strong, durable and incredibly light. They can withstand a stretching force of up to 40kg, yet once the weight is released, the frame comes back to the original form. All in a frame weighing 17g.

OVVO Optics is stocked exclusively in Tamworth by Eyecare Plus – Tamworth’s eyewear style destination. See the OVVO collection for men and women in-store now.



The OVVO Surgical Steel and Titanium Collection is constructed from military grade surgical steel and titanium composite consisting of 70% steel and 30% titanium. This hypoallergenic metal was first discovered in spacecraft development, and offers remarkable durability, lightness, flex memory, and heat resistance. OVVO is the only eyewear company using this metal composite.

Mazzucchelli acetates are introduced to some designs, creating sophistication, comfort and lasting wearability. The acetate frames are supported by fully adjustable surgical steel and titanium temples which reduce weight and improve flexibility, delivering a frame that is both rugged and refined. 


OVVO’s patented screwless hinge is simple by design, reliable and very durable. It has been lab tested with 300,000 close and open rotations, which is the equivalent of 205 years of usage.

3-D adjustable nosepads feature replaceable silicon pads and adjustable temple tips with regulated tension adjustment for customizable comfort.

OVVO frames are made in their family-owned manufacturing facilities located in Germany and Poland. 

Diamond-like Carbon Collection

Used in high-performance industries from auto racing to aeronautics, Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) is a scratch proof film that is thinner than paper, harder than diamond and stronger than steel.

OVVO Optics is the first and only eyewear company to use DLC nanotechnology, applying it to their surgical steel and titanium composite glasses frames to achieve even more durability and unprecedented scratchproofing. We are pleased to now offer a selection of DLC frames in our extensive OVVO Optics range in store.

design highlights

OVVO 3819_70m
OVVO 3710_85_front
OVVO 3796_85
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OVVO 3558_6d
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OVVO 3731-85
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OVVO 3725_46-50
OVVO 3758_7s
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OVVO 3792_63b

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