transitions lenses

Introducing four vibrant Transitions lens colours that allow you to personalise your glasses and take your look to the next level.

Stunning shades of sapphire, emerald, amber and amethyst feature in lenses that respond to changing light and intelligently adapt from clear to dark and everything in between. Style on the go, indoors or outdoors, all year round.

Transitions style colours shade graduation

Style colours

💙 Sapphire: this cool hue looks great with a blue acetate or metal frame. It adds a hip vibe to any style.

💚 Emerald: is the most versatile option. Any frame in light earthy tones will be enhanced with the fresh touch of colour.

🧡 Amber: conveys fashion with a vintage twist. It’s great in a lot of colour combinations – try it with light tortoiseshell or honey.

💜 Amethyst: coordinates with both warm and cool hued frames. The contrast will be striking with a purple, lilac or pink frame.

The new Transitions Style Colours are part of what makes us Tamworth’s eyewear style destination. See the collection in-store now.

Style Inspiration

Transitions lenses Sapphire
Transitions lenses Emerald
Transitions lenses Amber

Our Optical Dispensing team is here to advise on the right frames and lenses to suit your vision prescription and your lifestyle. This includes combining the most appropriate choice of frame style with the latest developments in lens design and materials. Apart from the technical side of their role, our Optical Dispensers are also passionate stylists and love helping to find that perfect optical frame or pair of sunglasses that expresses your personal style. 

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